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“Good judgement comes from bad experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” -Hane’s Law.

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As consultants, we are engaged by organizations to provide services in an objective and independent manner. If requested, and if necessary, we can review strategic planning, facilitation, quality assurance, education and training. However, we are most frequently asked to provide problem-specific solutions. We may be asked to provide “objective” or “third-party” advice that will help an organization solve problems involving operations. Much of this work involves testing the accuracy of employee and/or contract services after integrity issues have been uncovered.

We gather information on the current efficiency and effectiveness of organizational procedures, analyze the data collected, and offer proposals for improving methodologies, systems or procedures. We present our recommendations and, if the recommendations are accepted, we can assist with implementing those recommendations. We specialize in solving particular types of problems where integrity is key: organizational restructuring, quality and efficiency.

Our work in organizational change with clients undergoing fundamental operational reorientation has been unequivocally successful.

Our statistical studies, and our reviews of our clients’ statistical studies, are done though proprietary methods unique to our company. We perform these studies in relation to our quality control assessments and as part of assistance with strategic planning.

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Universal Measurement Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian company serving clients through mathematically based consulting services.