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Breaching Firewalls

The Diffie-Hellman protocol is a method for two computer users to create a mutual private key through which they can exchange information securely across an insecure channel.

The key to breaking these enciphered messages is essentially a question of how to use random number theory to resolve the  “discrete logarithm” axiom.

The administrators of China’s Sunway TaihuLight assert that they have resolved the axiom.

Quanta, Georg Cantor, & Uncountable Infinite Series.

Arguably, the set of rational numbers is infinite but technically countable. However, there are an infinite number of irrational numbers in between each and every rational number, and these are uncountable. When Georg Cantor proved this by his diagonal method, he was paving the way for the uncountable infinite series of universes currently believed to exist both actually and potentially under quantum theory. The really difficult question for quantum theorists is whether merely thinking about measuring quanta has the same effect as actually attempting a measure.

A volcanic breakthrough in quantum theory

A volcanic breakthrough in quantum theory seems likely to evolve from the following two publications.  Neither paper, however, deals with quanta feedback loops.

Álvaro M. Alhambra, Jonathan Oppenheim, Christopher Perry. Fluctuating States: What is the Probability of a Thermodynamical Transition? Physical Review X, 2016; 6 (4) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.041016

Álvaro M. Alhambra, Lluis Masanes, Jonathan Oppenheim, Christopher Perry. Fluctuating Work: From Quantum Thermodynamical Identities to a Second Law Equality. Physical Review X, 2016; 6 (4) DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.041017


Without sounding totally out of my wits, I suggest the following. When writing codes always write them from and for a specific machine, the manufacture of which is controlled by you.

The car manufacturers who produced CPUs in their cars that could switch the fuel use from normal road use during emissions tests did not get caught by examining the CPUs which were interlinked with the car engine.

They were caught by independent testing and driving techniques that were quite ordinary (normal). Had anyone attempted to discover the programming that directed the cars to cheat the emission-testing teams, it would have been an extremely long process mathematically. The interlocking of the engine with the CPU removed trace evidence from the CPU when the CPU was removed from the car. It was quite brilliant.

Quantum Codes and Cyphers

Has anyone thought about the possibility of breaking quantum codes via an inspection of the quantum error corrections that are always needed to make a fault-tolerant quantum computation? Error corrections deal with the static or noise on stored quantum information, bad quantum gates, errors in preparation, and correctable or corrected measurements.